Miami Public Insurance Adjuster: Maximizing Your Insurance Settlement

Selecting the right Miami public insurance adjuster is vital when your goal is to maximize your claim.

sink hole loss in Florida
  • How do I know that my insurance company agent is being truthful?
  • I’m not sure what my claim is truly worth?
  • Who do I feel like I’m being hit from all sides & getting confused?
  • What if I sign a paper or do something I shouldn’t do yet?

Are these questions familiar? Are you wondering how to get treated fairly and compensated properly?

Use Our Miami Public Insurance Adjuster Services

Has your home or business suffered any of the following:

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Hail damage
  • Flood damage
  • Hurricane damage
  • Mold
  • Vandalism/Theft


We encourage you to contact us. We're 1st Response Public Adjusters and have been serving the Miami area since 2006. As your public insurance adjuster our job is to represent you as advocates against your insurance company.

How We Can Help

The easiest way to understand how we can be of service to you and your needs?

Imagine in your mind the goal of your insurance company…

What IS the goal for your insurance company? It’s to mitigate as much as possible how much they must pay out to cover your loss.

During your time of need it’s easy to lose sight of this. It's the reality, though. Your agent’s job is to serve his or her boss: the insurance co.

Who’s looking out for you?

That’s where we come in as your Miami public adjuster. Our role is to act as your guide. We’ll help you know what to do at every step along the way.

Although based in Miami we serve all of South Florida...counties such as Palm Beach, Monroe, Broward & Miami-Dade.

  • How do you open your claim?
  • What should you do with your home or office building after the loss?
  • Should you work with a Miami contractor?
  • How do you best deal with the clean up issues?
  • What should you say or not say to the insurance agent?

These are common questions. You’re in an exposed position. As you’re working your mind through the fire, water or storm damage folks from every angle are working at your thoughts: insurance agent, contractors and even other public adjusters.

What To Do Next

We encourage you to slow things down. Take a deep breath and call us.

We’ll consult with you free of charge and help you understand each aspect of the process you must know.

We won’t charge any up front fees either! No Recovery = No Fee.

Our team includes all aspects needed to bring your claim to a fair settlement: public adjusters, mediators, contractors, attorneys and engineers.

We represent your legal position against your insurance company’s legal position. This is a key point!

We have the experience needed to properly investigate each aspect of your loss, document it, submit it and see it through until settlement time.

It’s amazing what the right knowledge will do to calm your mind. We have this wisdom to impart on you.

You’re only a phone call away from getting the help you need to get treated fairly, feel calm and collected throughout the claims process and end up properly compensated for your loss.

Call us or fill out the form below to find out what it means to have 1st Response Public Adjusters acting as your public insurance adjuster...

Off: 855-777-CLAIMS (2524)
Fax: 786-717-6487

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