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Since 2006, 1st Response Public Adjusters have been helping home and business owners receive the most fair and "just" settlement payouts from their insurers after a loss.

Whether it's fire damage, water damage, hurricane damage, tornado damage, flood damage, etc, there's an unfortunate fact in our industry:

your insurance company wants to mitigate the amount they pay out for your claim.

Our job is to represent you and your legal position against the position of your insurer.

Again, we want to make this crystal clear...make no mistake about this fact:

 your insurance company wants to pay out as little as possible to you on your claim.

They send out an adjuster. The adjuster's job is to become your "friend" while also writing an estimate that allows the insurance company to pay out a small settlement to you.

What Do We Do?

We work for you. We'll walk your property, assess the damage, write an estimate, and make sure you aren't taken advantage of in any way by your insurer.

Call us today or fill in the form below. We'll schedule a free consultation so you can get to know us, our expertise, our references, and understand why our services will help you get treated in the best way possible.

In the end, what do you want? You want to maximize your claim. You want to be treated fairly. You don't want an insurance company playing games with you after paying their premiums for years.

We'll represent your legal position and ensure you get the best settlement payment possible.

Call us today or fill out the form below to set up your free consultation.

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