Miami Business Fire Insurance: Get Help Making Your Claim

Miami restaurant destroyed by fire

Dealing with your Florida business fire insurance carrier?

The requirements of filing for a property loss claim mean you’re about to start making critical decisions. At the time of a loss, even the most efficient business can be stunned with the requirements placed on them.

You may not have the knowledge, the experience, and the time to prepare for a complex claim. That’s where a Miami public adjuster can help.

In a moment, we’ll look at the benefits of hiring one. First, let’s cover a few insurance details.

Business Fire Insurance Basics

There are 3 basic types of property insurance.

A basic form policy will generally cover you in the case of what are called common perils.

A broad form policy will cover the common perils but usually add in storm damage, water damage, structural collapse and fire damage.

A special form policy will cover all perils unless there are exclusions for acts such as terrorism, flood, nuclear accidents, war, insects, etc.

You’ll probably have either an actual cash value policy or a replacement cost policy…or some form of combination.

Actual cash value insurance: Pays out to replace or rebuild property (minus depreciation, which is a form of decreased value from age/wear and tear). With this type of insurance only, it’s possible to not have enough coverage in the event your business is completely destroyed in the fire.

Replacement cost insurance: Based on the current state of constructions costs, this coverage will pay to repair or rebuild the property.

Why Hire a Florida Public Adjuster?

One of the most simplest answers is that the fire claims process is so complicated today that you need an expert in the field representing you and your business.

Remember, the independent adjuster assigned by your insurer knows the ins and outs of mitigating your pay-out that you most likely aren’t aware of.

Claims Expertise: Insurance policies can easily be misinterpreted. Having an expert on your side familiar with business fire insurance policies and how they are enforced can mean a great deal on how your property loss claim gets settled.

A public adjuster expert can also guide you regarding the right procedures for repairs and keeping a record of expenses in case of a claim rejection.

Accelerate the Claim Process: A public adjuster knows how to organize your claim properly, process the paperwork that’s required, as well as the language to use when engaging with your insurance firm.

This helps in avoiding repeated requests for more information, thus accelerating the claims process.

Protecting the Rights of a Policyholder: Having an expert who understands the insurance firm’s expectations, when valuing and documenting your claim offers you an advantage if your claim is rejected.

It also gives you a third party resource who can testify as a witness when further action is needed in order to obtain a just recovery.

Ensure Fair Value for Your Claim: When you suffer a loss, the insurance firm will send a staff adjuster who is employed by the firm.

You should understand that the staff adjuster represents and serves the best interest of the insurance firm. On the other hand, a public adjuster will work for you to ensure that the insurance firm fairly settles the claim.

Time savings: Many business people have important things to do other than deal with the incessant demands for documents and information from the insurance firm.

A licensed Florida public adjuster will manage the claim on your behalf and help minimize the time required of you to spend dealing with all the compensation issues.

Filing for a business fire insurance claim after a tragic loss is a demanding process. We invite you to contact us and set up a free consultation.

We’ll go over your policy, your rights, the entire claims process and help you estimate the scope of loss against the insurance adjuster’s estimate. We’ll make sure you’re treated fairly and get the maximum settlement possible on your claim.

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