Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Miami

damaged piping on wall

Emergency water damage restoration is always needed after damage occurs in your Miami or greater Florida home or commercial property.

Most insurance policies leave it to the policyholder’s responsibility to take action on securing the property from additional damages.

This often means hiring a certified restoration company to help perform specific steps.

Always think “safety” first.

If it’s not safe to stay in your home or office building then stay out.

It’s common to suffer from slip & fall accidents or even electrical shock after a water damage compromises your property.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Process

Every situation is different but these are the basic steps:

  • Call the proper Florida restoration experts
  • Your expert will inspect the property & assess the overall damage
  • Water extraction/removal
  • Drying (and often dehumidification)
  • Cleaning & sanitizing process
  • Restoration (could involve minor repairs or rebuilding of entire sections of the home/business)

Steps & Equipment Often Used

Your emergency water damage restoration company will often use equipment like infrared cameras and moisture detectors in order to check & continually monitor the moisture levels.

Air filtration equipment, dehumidifiers, blowers and air movers are used to dry areas such as walls or carpets.

In order to stop the growth of mold, antimicrobial agents are often used.

This is a process that must be done properly in order to decrease humidity levels, remove moisture and prevent swelling or warping. 

It’s for this reason that you must select your emergency services company with care.

They must be licensed and have the expertise to perform any number of services to properly help your home or business: water extraction, decontamination, deodorizing, mold prevention, sewage cleanup, plumbing, structural dry-outs, carpet drying, pack-outs and storage, etc.

Get The Help You Need

As you can see, this isn’t a simple process where you ask a carpet cleaning company to come over. In fact, there are carpet cleaning companies advertising as water damage restoration experts that don’t have the correct knowledge necessary to do it the right way.

For example, how much does your average carpet cleaner know about sewage cleanup?

We encourage you to call us. We’re public adjusters, meaning we fight for you and your rights against the insurance company. We fight to make sure you receive a fair settlement on your claim.

We also know which restoration companies are reputable and that will expertly fix your property after a water loss.

Go ahead and call us or fill out the form below. We’ll set up a free consultation so you can get to know us and our references. We’ll help you understand your specific insurance policy and estimate your scope of damage.

We’ll help make sure your company adjuster doesn’t try to lowball the estimate. If you need more information about why you want to consider our services, click here.

Or, simply contact us below…

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