Miami Fire Damage Restoration Service: Guard Against Using the Wrong Co

ruins inside a Florida home ravaged by fire

You’ll need to hire a fire damage restoration service after your Miami home or business property has suffered a fire.

Your insurance policy most likely outlines that it’s your responsibility to take action and secure the property from any further loss. Often, a fire leaves exposed walls and can lead to vandalism, etc.

Not only will your property have fire and smoke damage but it’s also likely that there are flooding/water damage issues to contend with.

Using the right restoration company will help clean up your property and restore it to the way it was before the fire.

Fire Damage Restoration Service Process

  • Call in a fire restoration expert
  • Expert inspects and assesses the damage
  • Board up any exposed doors or walls (and tarp the roof, if necessary)
  • Water removal
  • Soot and smoke removal
  • Cleaning
  • Restoration process

“After the Fire” Tips

Don’t do the following:

  • Don’t eat packaged or canned food exposed to the fire
  • Don’t drink any beverages exposed to the fire
  • Don’t try to wash any walls or carpets on your own
  • Don’t walk unnecessarily throughout the property (it will further embed soot into carpets & upholstery)
  • Don’t turn on light fixtures (potential for electric shock)
  • Don’t clean any appliances or other electrical devices
  • Don’t send clothes to the cleaner. Cleaning in the improper way can “set” the smoke odor permanently

Do the following:

  • Do wash the leaves on your houseplants
  • Do keep your hands washed (so you don’t spread soot to woodwork, upholstery & walls)
  • Do empty the fridge/freezer if the electricity isn’t working

Hire The Right Company

Fire restoration isn’t anything to take lightly. You need the right experts because it’s a specialized area.

For example, the odor of smoke will linger long after ash and soot have been cleaned out…unless you use an expert who knows how to remove that smell.

Confused? Need Advice?

At 1st Response Public Adjusters, we’re here to help protect you against getting taken advantage of by the insurance company’s adjuster. Read about why you want to hire a public adjuster to represent your legal position by clicking here.

As we go about the process of explaining everything you need to know about your insurance policy, assessing the damage to your property, estimating the scope of loss and negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company, we'll advise you on the most reputable fire damage restoration service to use.

We offer a free consultation so you can become advised to your legal position in a relaxed manner. Call us or fill out the form below to set up your consult…

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