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We know you’d like to see the fire insurance claim process go smoothly.

Know that there are basic steps to follow during a loss situation.

Losing your home to a fire is a devastating experience.

At this time, the last thing you need is an insurance company giving you a hard time regarding the claim.

A public adjuster will help you file a claim, assert and learn your rights for a fair and full settlement payment.

The unfortunate issue is that we see many folks making mistakes in terms of emergency restoration services after the loss and other important decisions throughout the entire process.

Basic Fire Insurance Claim Process

Always review your insurance policy to determine the type of coverage and how much is covered, what's excluded, what's covered and determine if there are deadlines and how the fire insurance claim should be filed.

Contact your insurance company to notify them about the loss. Your policy determines the time limits within which to contact them and whether the notification must be in writing.

Your insurance claim will require you to submit documentation or information before the commencement of the claim process. You have to explain to them what happened and the extent of damage suffered during the fire.

It’s your duty as a policyholder to provide the insurance company with the information they need. Give thorough information, as the insurance company will only reimburse what’s documented.

After presenting the required information to the insurance company, they’ll assign your case to a claim representative who determines the type of policy, what’s covered, the policy limits, your deductibles, what’s excluded and any other relevant information that might be of use.

Upon completion, the claim rep is required to send the information to you. If you don’t agree with your insurance company on the policy, you can dispute. When both parties agree, the claim rep will pay the claim or can decide to investigate the claim depending on the circumstances surrounding it and its size.

Payment process. Payment differs depending on the loss incurred. A check may be written for small losses while the company may advance the costs in a large loss.

Realities of Filing a Fire Claim

The reality of the situation is that your insurance company’s goal is to keep the settlement payout down as low as possible. For this reason, we encourage you to contact us so we can advise you on your rights and what it takes to get a fair payout.

If you hire us prior to your insurance adjuster’s property walk through, we can be there as your advocate to point out damages the company adjuster may try to gloss over.

For example, it’s vital that we document how smoke damage from your fire has affected the entire structure. Smoke can cause electronic damage in areas that weren’t part of the actual fire.

All of this must be evaluated as part of the scope of loss and made a part of the estimate so you receive fair compensation.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

The biggest mistake we see policyholders make after a fire is to try going up against the company adjuster alone. Remember that no matter how nice this person acts, they are paid by your insurance company to mitigate your settlement.

That’s their job and they’re very good at it. You have to ask yourself how much you know about the overall claims process. How effective will you be in determining where your insurance adjuster is ignoring areas where you should be compensated?

That’s our specialty. We know the claims process inside and out. We’ll fight for you so all damages (visible or not) are included in the estimate.

Another mistake we see folks make is signing contracts with restoration companies or contractors who make illegal claims about how they can estimate the damages. Without a public adjuster license, they’re breaking the law in this case. Learn more

Some unscrupulous companies will even have you sign forms that allow the settlement payout to go to them. This is disastrous to your goal of receiving a fair settlement and bringing your home or commercial property back to its original state.

Always remember that the claims process isn’t over with an insurance company until you the policyholder declares so. You don’t have to accept what the insurance company offers.

Give us a call. We’ll go over your insurance policy and the overall fire insurance claim process so you can make an informed decision regarding how you’ll deal with your insurance company adjuster.

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