Miami Flood Insurance Claims Process Is Extremely Complicated

flooded street

How much do you know about the flood insurance claims process?

Experiencing a flood in your home is devastating. Floods can damage not only important aspects of your home itself (floors, carpets, basements and so on) but also precious possessions.

We understand that the emotional costs of a flood can be high. Not only do you have to deal with seeing the damage to your home and possessions, you also have the added stress of getting the damage sorted out and paid for.

The last thing you need is for your insurer to refuse to pay the sum that you’re rightly owed.

Flood Insurance Claims: Complicated Process

You need to purchase a specific flood insurance policy from your insurer to make sure you’re covered.

The process also involves the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that helps commercial and residential property owners who have bought flood insurance policies.

It’s important that you fully understand your policy because there are limitations you need to know about. You also must act quickly because there is a 60 day time period to file your claim.

Get Help, Attain Peace Of Mind

We can’t emphasize enough how complicated this issue is.

Hiring a public adjuster to ensure that you get the best possible deal from your insurer is not being greedy.

Rather, it's ensuring that your rights are respected. It also helps to give you great peace of mind, as it alleviates the stress of having to scrape together additional money to make up for the shortfall as you try and repair your flood damaged home, business or possessions.

Navigating the difficult field of flood insurance claims can be daunting and tricky for a lay person who isn’t trained in the law.

A public adjuster can take that weight right off your shoulders and make sure that the whole process goes as smoothly as can be.

The claims process involves analyzing your insurance policy against the law and the particular circumstances of the flood, working out the highest amount of insurance you are owed, and then fighting your cause with the insurers.

Another reason to explore using 1st Response Public Adjusters is because during a disaster it takes time for insurance adjusters to get out to your property. This means delays.

This is a situation where you must be proactive. A public adjuster will be able to take over your claims process on your behalf and get results.

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