Florida Public Adjuster - Should You Hire One Now or Later?

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The short answer to when to hire a Florida public adjuster to handle your fire, flood, mold or other damage claim?


We’re public adjusters so of course we’ll say that, right?

Yes, we have a vested interest in you deciding to hire us to represent you against your insurance agency. However, it’s vital that you understand how the insurance world truly operates.

While the TV commercials make it sound like you’re in good hands or that your insurance adjuster is your friendly neighbor, this is simply not the case.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “follow the money”?

In terms of the adjuster sent out by your insurance company, ask yourself who pays that person’s salary?

Exactly! The insurance company…so when this person acts as though they’re serving your needs, how can they when their employer is an entity that wants to mitigate any pay out on your claim?

It’s not that they’re bad people. It’s just simple economics…they’re trained and paid by the insurance company to lower the amount of money your loss costs the company.

What Does a Florida Public Adjuster Do?

As public adjusters we work on your behalf. We represent you and your legal interests against the legal interests of the insurance company.

Public insurance adjusters are licensed professionals and were actually created by each state in order to help provide policyholders a more level playing field against insurance providers.

We understand how the entire claims process works and help you file your claim, ascertain damages, estimate the recovery costs and work to ensure you’re paid the highest settlement due based on all the information gathered.

Why You Should Hire a Public Adjuster Immediately

You can avoid unnecessary friction between you and the insurance company by obtaining the services of a public adjuster as soon as your loss occurs.

The reason for this is because the process goes something like this: Once your claim is reported the insurance company sends out their adjuster.

The adjuster is trained to low-ball your estimate. You become frustrated and then seek help. Now your public adjuster goes in, analyzes the damage and writes a more accurate estimate.

Since these two estimates are so far apart it’s time to start haggling and fighting to get the insurance adjuster’s estimate into the world of reality.

What happens if you hire a public adjuster BEFORE the insurance adjuster writes the estimate? You can have your adjuster walk the property with the company adjuster. Your public adjuster can point out the damage the company rep would love to ignore.

Usually, this one simple process helps bring up the company estimate…avoiding the need to negotiate and leading to a faster claim resolution.

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