How To Choose Your Miami Public Home Insurance Adjuster

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You’re ready to hire a Florida public home insurance adjuster but you’re not sure which one is right for you.

First of all, you’ve most likely experienced the games your company’s insurance adjuster is playing. They’ve come out to your property, assessed the damage and probably submitted a low-ball estimate.

Having fire damage, water damage or some other type of loss wreak havoc on your property is tough enough. You don’t need to have a company you trusted to protect you in your time of need now start treating you like a 2nd class citizen.

Don’t take your search for a public adjuster lightly. It’s vital that you choose one with the right type of experience with your type of claim.

Trust your intuition. You’ll be working with your public insurance adjuster all the way through the process. Make sure you’re comfortable and can see yourself having a positive working relationship.

Tips For Hiring a Public Home Insurance Adjuster

Licensing: Make sure they’re licensed in Florida (or any other state your loss occurred in). It’s a 3rd degree felony for a restoration or contracting company who say they can adjust your claim and aren’t licensed public adjusters.  Visit the FL Division of License or call 877-693-5236 to verify any license.

Point of first contact: If your potential adjuster contacted you within 48 hours of your loss, then they’ve already shown they don’t obey the law. In Florida, an adjuster must wait 48 hours. You, of course, can initiate contact with one immediately.

High pressure tactics: We recommend you don’t sign anything your insurance company places in front of you until you understand it fully. The same goes when it comes to signing a contract to hire a Miami public adjuster. Don’t fall for high pressure tactics. Proceed when you understand everything and feel comfortable.

Initial promises: Be careful of an adjuster making incredible promises before reviewing your insurance policy and inspecting your property. Only after reviewing your paperwork, seeing loss details and talking with you can any credible public adjuster begin making claims on what they can or can’t do for you and your situation.

Ask for references: You want to know a few things related to references. Does your potential adjuster have experience handling your type of loss? Do they have a quality relationship with your insurance company? Call their references and find out how past clients feel about their work and results.

Small Fee: The normal percentage for a Florida public home insurance adjuster to charge is between 5% and 15%. If you run into one willing to charge less, then beware. They most likely aren’t going to give your claim their full attention.

Extra, Yet Huge, Bonus Tip

Be very careful of remediation companies or local contractors offering to file your claim for you.

This is dangerous territory. It often involves signing paperwork that gives them the right to receive your settlement check. This has allowed some companies to spend very little on the repairs as they pocket the rest of your money.

If they offer to provide you an estimate then they’re illegally acting as public adjusters.

We highly encourage you to contact us so we can guide you through the process. We offer a free, non-binding consultation.

This consult allows us to get to know one another, show you our references, explain all your rights, introduce you to credible contractors and help you gain an understanding of what working with us is all about.

We’re confident you’ll be please with what hiring 1st Response Public Adjusters as your Miami or greater Florida public home insurance adjuster will mean for helping you obtain a fair settlement.

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