Your Miami Home Insurance Claim: Understanding the Process

hurricane damage

Filing a home insurance claim was probably the last thing on your mind when you first bought your insurance policy.

The fact that you must make a claim is enough indication that something bad has happened to your property.

This may be a flood, fire, storm, mold or maybe a theft. Whatever the incident, it's most likely putting you under a lot of stress.

Understanding the overall process will help ease some of the stress.

Safety First/Think Ahead

Although you may be distraught by what has happened, you still must take measures to ensure that you and other house occupants are safe.

Do your best to secure any property that isn’t damaged. Take necessary steps to avoid any further damage that may occur to the property.

If you're having issues with electricity or gas, it's a good idea to seek help from the relevant utility company.

Taking pictures of the damage will be useful when you file the claim.

File Your Home Insurance Claim

Before you file the claim, make sure you have the necessary documents and information handy. These include:

  • Your insurance policy number
  • The date, time and place of incident
  • The cause and type of damage you are claiming
  • A detailed description of what happened (and people and property involved).

Once you have all the information ready your can call you insurance company or go to their website.

Processing and Payment of Claim

The insurance company will do what it can to make sure your claim is resolved in the shortest possible time.

A field visit is usually required. A representative from your insurance company will be sent to your damaged property to do an audit and evaluate the extent of the damage.

Depending on the extent of damage on your property and the type of home insurance policy you have, the insurance company may provide you alternative accommodation.

Getting Help...

Most insurance companies will try to process the home insurance claim and make payments within the shortest possible time interval.

While that sounds great at first it’s most often to your detriment.

Why? Because the insurance company wants you to agree to the smallest settlement amount possible as quickly as possible so they can close it out and move on.

  • How do you know whether you’re receiving a fair settlement?

  • How do you know whether the insurance rep has truly investigated every aspect of your loss?

We encourage you to contact us because you need an advocate on your side. As your public adjuster we’ll investigate every single area of your property to make sure you claim everything needed to be claimed and receive a settlement that makes you whole once again.

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