How to Claim Insurance for Your Miami Residential or Business Loss

burned structure

Below are tips on how to claim insurance successfully.

Before we bring you the basic process it’s important that you understand how your company will deal with you overall.

Remember that it’s the job of your insurance adjuster to negotiate the lowest possible settlement amount. It’s a business and the insurance company is in the business of bringing in more premium money than they payout to policyholders.

Always keep the above facts in mind…

How To Claim Insurance: Notify The Insurance Co

This is one of the first steps you should take immediately after you experience property damage.

This is important because it’s one of the policy requirements - that the policyholder should notify the insurance early enough to avoid their claim being denied.

It’s also important to try securing the house to prevent further damages from occurring.

You’ll need the following info to file your claim: policy number, date, time, place of incident, type of damage (fire, flood, etc), and description of the cause.

Seek Professional Help

A Miami public adjuster can play a very important role in negotiating your claim.

A licensed public insurance adjuster understands every important detail about the claims process. It’s their profession and expertise. They’ll never get confused by any technicality or “tricks” pulled off by the insurance adjuster.

Set up a meeting with your public adjuster at the damaged property so that you can both analyze the loss from the same perspective. An adjuster will help you in evaluation, inventory, help find you a temporary place to stay, help you select a qualified restoration company…among other services.

If you have your public adjuster on board prior to the walk through your insurance company adjuster will do, it’s going to help immensely in ensuring the proper estimate is created.

Take Inventory

To get fully compensated, it’s advisable to take inventory of the damaged property. One good method is to take pictures or videos of the property.

With the help of your public adjuster and a contractor you can go through this process without any difficulty.

The above tips on how to claim insurance, however, can only be effective if you adhere with all the security measures and other rules that have been stipulated in the policy.

Make sure that you’re well informed about all aspects of this process, your insurance policy, how to deal with your insurance adjuster, etc.

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