Independent Insurance Adjuster or Miami Public Adjuster?

Who will help you best after damage to your property: an independent insurance adjuster or a public adjuster?

Great question! The answer will help shape whether you receive fair compensation after your home or commercial property has been ravaged by fire, flood, mold, or storm.

Who Is The Independent Insurance Adjuster?

Florida house on fire

An independent adjuster is hired by the insurance company to figure out the scope of loss, write an estimate and help determine your insurance payout.

The most important words in the preceding paragraph to pay close attention to are: “hired by the insurance company”.

That’s right…this person doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

They can’t possibly do this because the entity signing their paycheck is the same entity you’re in currently in a legal battle with: the insurance company.

Make no mistake…it’s a legal battle.

You’ll be asked to sign and document legal paperwork throughout the entire process.

If you don’t understand what you’re signing you can severely hurt your chances of receiving adequate compensation for your damages.

Who Is The Public Adjuster?

When you hire a Miami public adjuster to adjust your Florida property damage you’re bringing someone on board to represent your legal position against the insurance company.

This person works for you!

A public adjuster will help you understand your insurance policy. This person is able to help you determine what’s covered and what’s not covered.

Most importantly, a public adjuster will be able to navigate the complex nature of the claims process. They will help you document the losses, file the claim and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company and their hired gun: the independent insurance adjuster.

If you bring your Miami public adjuster on board immediately it can help open your claims process in the most positive manner.

The reason for this is that your representative will be there when the company adjuster walks your property to determine the scope of damage and write the estimate.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to ignore significant damage so the estimate comes in low. Your public adjuster won’t let this happen. They’ll make sure to point out every single aspect that you must be compensated for.

Doing this on the initial walk-through helps ensure that the first company estimate is closer to reality, which helps prevent unneeded and lengthy negotiations to try and get the estimate higher.

Ready To Talk To a Florida Public Adjuster?

We invite you to contact us and set up a free consultation. Let’s talk. We’ll go over your policy with you, walk the property with you and help you understand exactly where you stand in terms of damage and likely settlement amounts.

This is not a binding consult. It simply allows us to meet you and see if working together might make sense.

If you would like to read a bit more about hiring a public adjuster, click here to learn more.

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