Insurance and Water Damage in Miami

When dealing with insurance and water damage to your Miami home, there’s a lot of info to pay attention to.

Sadly, according to insurance companies, there’s a significant difference between water and flood damage. Not all water-related risks are covered under a basic homeowner’s insurance policy.

water damaged Florida bathroom

Before filing a claim, it’s important to understand what’s in a water damage insurance policy. The key components are discussed below.

Insurance and Water Damage: Definition

As we mentioned, insurance companies perceive water damage to be different from flood damage. This means you must carry separate insurance to cover losses from a flood.

The accepted definition of water damage is damage caused by water that affects your house only. Damage caused by flooding as a result of heavy rains will not qualify as water damage.

Understanding the difference between the two is critical when filing a claim. In some instances, homeowners file insurance and water damage claims instead of flood claims, which lead to their claims being rejected by their insurers.

Damage Types

There are various types of damages that can result from water-related accidents, such as melted snow that reaches indoors after a big storm, wind-driven rain or a burst pipe.

These damages are covered in your policy, with the exception of deliberate water damage.

Deliberate damages result from maintenance problems and defects that are left unresolved. For example, let’s say you detect a leak in your piping system but take no action. The leak then causes an intrusion of water into your house. The resultant damage isn’t covered by the policy.

Insurance companies will generally conduct investigations into the cause of the damage. Therefore, it’s recommended that you investigate the cause of damages before filing a claim.

Damaged Area

Water damage, according to most insurers is restricted to damage caused by water.

Therefore, if your plumbing develops a leak and causes your house to flood, your insurance policy will meet the cost of repairing the damaged floor and not the leak. The source of the leak or damage is not covered by the policy.

Source Of Water Damage

The source of the water damage is critical in evaluating the validity of your claim. If the source is internal, then you’re entitled to compensation.

However, if the source is external, such as a sewer line, your water damage policy may not be of use to you.

In other words, water damage policies protect you against water damage from within your residence.

How To Gain a Better Understanding

As you can see, the issue of insurance and water damage is confusing and complex. That’s why we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. We’ll explain exactly what your specific policy covers without any generalities.

As Florida public adjusters, we’re experts with vast experience when it comes to dealing with your insurer. Remember that your insurance company adjuster wants to provide you with the smallest amount possible in your settlement.

At 1st Response Public Adjusters we are working for your legal position. This means we’ll fight every step of the way to ensure that everything is documented in the estimate. The end result is helping you receive the most fair settlement possible to fix your home.

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