Miami Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

The need to file an insurance claim for roof damage can come from any number of reasons when your Miami home or business is compromised:

  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Pipe burst
  • Hidden water damage
  • Etc

Information Needed To File Claim

  • Personal information of the policyholder, which includes name, phone number, address and policy number
  • Detailed description of damage, along with the reason for damage
  • Time, date and location of loss
  • All the authorities notified at the time of incident
  • Emergency service centers that have been reported to
  • Any sort of damage control activity performed during the event

Tips When Faced With Roof Damage

  • Identify the type of roof you have
  • Place electronic items away from the area of leakage
  • Put a bucket beneath the water leakage area
  • Do not try to fix the roof on your own as it can do further damage
  • Try to keep the floor dry to avoid any injuries
  • File claim immediately

Insurance Claim For Roof Damage Process

  • Inform the insurance company of damage
  • Searching for and documenting all losses
  • Estimating the total value of loss and substantiating it with documents
  • Providing a legal claim
  • Deciding upon the final agreement

Understanding The Complexities

damaged roof

Though the steps seem easy there is much to know in order to move your claim from documentation to settlement.

That’s where Miami's 1st Response Public Adjusters come into play.

Some claims can be denied for the reason that the roof damage was caused by perils not included in the policy.

Remember that your insurance company is looking for any reason to deny or minimize your settlement amount.

Even when the damage is from a covered peril, such as sinkholes, hail, tornado, hurricane or fire, there are many factors to consider with your claim. We must factor in:

  • Maintenance records (if available)
  • Roof age
  • Roof condition prior to loss
  • Building codes
  • Type of roof

While some damage is obvious, such as shingle scouring, uplifted roof membrane or missing trusses, some is not so obvious: flat roof membrane underside cracks, unseen leaks, etc.

Ensuring Your Maximum Settlement Amount

It’s your responsibility to not only prove everything in your claim but to mitigate any future losses.

What happens when your loss is due to a disaster situation, such as a hurricane? If you need to make a decision about temporary roofing that hasn’t yet been approved by the insurance company, what do you do?

Bringing 1st Response Public Adjusters on your team means you have all the answers at your fingertips. It means you can relax as we go to work assessing every nuance of damage, negotiating on your behalf with the insurance adjuster and bringing your claim to a successful conclusion.

A successful conclusion is defined as the fairest and maximum settlement amount due to you.

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