Benefits Of Hiring a Florida Licensed Public Adjuster

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Why would you want to hire a Florida licensed public adjuster to help you through the claims process after experiencing a loss at your home or commercial property?

Filing an insurance claim is of vast importance. You may only file one or two your entire lifetime and you want to make sure you get it right.

Failing to establish the proper estimate of loss, proving that estimate and collecting the maximum owed you can result in losing out on literally tens of thousands of dollars. That’s money you were fairly entitled to that the insurance company successfully mitigated to a lower number.

Before discussing the benefits let’s establish why you need a public adjuster on your side. Remember that your insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. Their allegiance lies in ensuring the smallest payout as possible for the entity paying their salary.

That should tell you all you need to know about the position you’re in every time you utter one word to your company representative. Click here for more about when to hire a Florida public adjuster.

Hiring a Florida Licensed Public Adjuster: Benefits

Protection of rights: A public adjuster knows the exact claims process. They understand what the insurance company’s goals, tactics and expectations are. If legal action is required at a later date in order for us to get you a fair settlement, you have a a qualified witness during that critical time.

Save time: The claims process can be relentless in terms of the paperwork, documentation and other requests from the insurance company. Your public adjuster handles all this so you can still maintain your life and business.

Faster claims process: Since your public adjuster understands the entire process, not a second is wasted. Using a representative that knows the legal language to use, how to communicate with your insurance adjuster, etc makes everything come to a close more quickly, while also ensuring that speed doesn’t equal a lesser settlement.

Overall accuracy: Trying to understand your policy and all related documentation, the “ins & outs” of construction, negotiation, etc can be incredibly difficult when it’s your first time going up against an experienced insurance adjuster. Your representative knows how to guide you through each step of the claim in a way that is advantageous to your legal position.

No Room For Uncertainty

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a licensed public adjuster for your Miami or greater Florida loss is that important decisions are made correctly.

For example, simply having your public adjuster hired prior to the company insurance adjuster’s walkthrough of your property can mean saving major negotiation time.

When your adjuster walks the property with the company rep, your representative can make sure all damage is documented and accounted for. This makes for a more realistic and accurate estimate at the outset, as the insurance adjuster has less opportunity to conveniently overlook relevant damage to your property.

Insurance companies count on your uncertainty after a loss so they can mitigate your claim and quickly get you to agree to a less than fair settlement.

When you add up the time saved, the uncertainty overcome, the protection of rights, and the ability to maximize your settlement fairly, it makes sense to hire a licensed public adjuster who will fight for you at every step.

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