Miami Lightning Damage Claim: Will Your Insurance Co Pay?


If your Miami property has been affected by lightning damage then the last thing you need is a battle with your insurance company to get the pay out you deserve.

However, be prepared for this battle. Since many policies won’t pay if an off premise power surge caused the damage, your insurance company will most likely want your repair person to sign a lightning affidavit.

Having a property that's been damaged by lightning is distressing enough. Sometimes the insurance claim procedure can seem almost as stressful as the storm damage itself.

In order to ease this process and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes during the claims process, give us a call. Using the service of 1st Response Public Adjusters means you'll have someone fighting for you every step of the way.

How A Public Adjuster Can Help You

Insurance companies are big organizations. They work on statistics, averages and past history when determining a reasonable pay out on an insurance policy.

Unfortunately, this means they don't always see the personal side of a claim. It also means they can be inflexible and can even seem uncaring.

As public adjusters, we come at insurance claims from a different angle. We represent you and your interests. We’ll investigate the full extent of the damage caused to your property.

It’s not only your structure that may have experienced fire damage due to lightning. You may temporarily lose business revenue or the use of your home when damage happens to phone systems, computers and related equipment, appliances, electrical fixtures, electronics, and your building’s entire electrical system.

There are many factors that go into whether a lightning claim is paid or not. Give us a call for your free consultation. We’ll explain the process so you can see the benefits of having us negotiate on your behalf.

Our help creates an opportunity to ensure a realistic pay out rather than a number that's been determined by a computer program…or worse, no pay out at all!

Assessing Florida Lightning Damage

It goes without saying that a lightning strike to your property can be devastating.

The damage can make your property uninhabitable, and result in the need for extensive repairs or rebuilding.

Determining the scope of damage is vital. Which items are damaged? How damaged are they? Is anything salvageable or is it a total loss?

What caused the damage? The lightning itself? A neighbor’s tree that fell on your home? A power surge? Where did the power surge originate?

We’ll often need to bring in outside experts, such as electronics/appliance experts or electrical engineers, to determine all of the above.

An Effective Miami Lightning Damage Claim

Handling an insurance claim is time consuming. It can also be incredibly confusing when you lack experience with the process.

There are many forms to fill in, lots of evidence to provide and there can be frustrating delays.

Using a public adjuster can help you personally avoid the bureaucracy of an insurance claim. We can help you concentrate on returning your property to how it was before, saving you time and maximizing your eventual settlement amount.

Remember that we’re paid based on a pre-agreed percentage of the settlement, so you won't have to pay for our services upfront or out of your pocket.

Whether it's your home address or your business that's been affected by a storm, 1st Response Public Adjusters will make sure you’re treated fairly during your lightning damage claim process.

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