Miami Mold Insurance Claim: A  Complex Issue

mold damage

Let’s discuss tips on filing a Miami or Florida area mold insurance claim.

Mold isn’t something to take lightly. Mold spores get into your ventilation system and cause serious health issues. It also weakens your structure in the same way termites would.

The first thing to do upon detecting mold infestation in your home? Figure out where it’s coming from so you can deal with the issue.

The second is to file a mold insurance claim. The claim process for mold is also something you shouldn’t take lightly.

These claims are complex in nature.

Your policy most likely has a mold limitation or exclusion clause. That’s why our experience is important in helping you argue that the insurance company should pay out based on the mold being linked to a water damage claim.

Here are some basic tips to help minimize the chances of your claim being rejected by the insurance company.

Study Your Policy

The insurance policy contains a detailed description of what it covers and what’s excluded.

Review your policy before making any decisions. In particular, examine the declarations page in detail as it outlines the coverage.

Also, go through the requirements needed for proving the existence of a claim as per the policy agreement. The endorsement section is another vital part that you need to be familiar with before filing a claim.

Know Your Miami Mold Insurance Claim Rights

The insurance sector is one regulated by state and federal laws. These laws provide a legal guideline on filing any claim.

Your rights as a policyholder are enshrined in these laws.

If you’re in any way unsure about these rights, call us for a free consultation. We’ll break it down in a simple way.

Act With Reason

To authenticate the nature of your claim, your insurance company has a right to conduct investigations and ask questions related to the damage. This right has to be exercised in good faith in accordance with the policy agreement you signed with them.

As the policyholder, you’re duty-bound to cooperate with your insurer in the investigations. However, you should note that all requests and questions from your insurer should be reasonable.

It’s advisable not to sign anything until you understand your rights. During the asking of questions, use a tape recorder to record the conversation between you and your insurer.

Don’t Sign Without Understanding

Insurance companies tend to take advantage of clients who are incapable of comprehending legal documents.

Most of these legal documents contain legal jargon that make them difficult to understand.

To avoid disadvantaging yourself make sure you seek assistance before you sign any document presented by your insurance company. These agreements may have an adverse effect on the outcome of your mold insurance claim.

This is an area where 1st Response Public Adjusters shines. Our team consists of public adjusters, lawyers, contractors and other people you need on your side.

Never forget who your friendly agent works for…the insurance company! The company signs their paycheck each week. The company goal? Mitigate your settlement payout.

When you decide to hire us as your independent public adjuster, you now have an advocate on your side. Our goal? Make sure you get the highest, yet most fair, settlement amount. After all, No Recovery = No Fee.

Get the help you need. Call us or fill out the form below for a free consultation. We’ll explain everything you must know and then you can decide from there.

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