Miami Vandalism Claim: Maximize What's Owed To You

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Need to make a Miami or Florida area vandalism claim to your insurance company but not sure how to go about it? Here’s a step by step guide to help you through the process…

Call The Police

It’s your responsibility to file a police report in order to process your claim. Call the police and don’t tamper with the scene.

You can make your own record of what's been destroyed but don’t move things around until the police have done their work for the report.

Open a Vandalism Claim

Once the police are done with their investigation you can call the insurance company to report the incident and file a claim.

This may take about 30 minutes as they ask you a few questions and gather information. They’ll ask you what happened and what needs to be replaced. It's not unusual for them to send their own investigators to ascertain the damage and see if it’s a genuine vandalism/theft claim.

At this point they can also cover emergency repairs. For example, if your door was broken they can have that replaced.

The insurer will tell you what other documents they’ll need and what they’ll be able to do for you. We highly recommend that you don’t go down this road alone and that you take action on the next step…

Contact a Florida Public Adjuster

1st Response Public Adjusters are here to fight for your rights as a home or business owner.

Since insurance companies are notorious for trying to pay out as little as possible we’ll be able to help you get what is deservedly yours.

We know exactly how the insurance business operates. As your advocate it’s our job to ensure you get the best claim settlement.

Assess The Damage & Theft

Vandalism usually means you’ve had items stolen, as well. Your insurance company will want proof that you owned those stolen items. Pictures, receipts, credit card statements, etc come in helpful.

While your insurance will most likely cover everything that’s been stolen or vandalized, the company will check all claims against the police report.

This is why we stress getting our help. We’ll make sure you don’t miss any vital details along the way that cause any further anxiety on top of the stress the act of vandalism or theft is already causing you.

Get the help you need on your vandalism claim. Call us or fill out the form below for your free consultation. We’ll provide you every single detail you need.

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