Miami Water Damage Claims: How To Get Help

Water damage claims result from extensive damage caused by flooding and leaks, such as:

  • Shower leaks
  • Pipe leaks
  • Dishwasher leaks
  • AC leaks
water damaged ceiling

The success of your application depends mainly on the process undertaken in filing it. Unfortunately, many homeowners lose out on their claims because of minor mistakes made during the filing of the claim.

Factor in the emotional aspect of your Miami or Florida area property damage and mistakes are easy to make. These mistakes can have a negative effect on how your insurance company pays out your claim.

Below are the main steps to adhere to when filing your claim…

Call a Miami Public Adjuster

As your public adjuster our job is to guide you through the insurance claim filing process in a manner that helps protect you against the insurance company’s main goal: lessen any payout to you, the insured.

Company adjusters are full-time employees of insurance companies while independent company adjusters are contractors hired to represent the interests of an insurance company.

In contrast, public adjusters are independent service providers whose primary aim is to help you navigate the water damage claims filing process.

That’s why we encourage you to contact us immediately. Obtaining the services of a public adjuster early on helps protect your interests in terms of receiving a fair and just settlement.

Water Damage Claims: Gather Evidence

One of the most common mistakes people make when filing insurance claims is failing to save evidence.

This evidence can be in the form of pictures, broken pipes, stained rugs, etc. The collection of proof should be done before any repairs are done. In this respect, ensure that you’ve taken photos of your home’s condition prior to any repairs. The photos taken should be stored to serve as supporting evidence for your insurance claim.

Don’t throw out any materials, such as sprinkler/shower heads or broken pipes. The insurance company may ask to inspect these items.

Be sure you keep all invoices related to the water damage caused as well as creating a log of all calls made pertaining to the damage.

Don’t Make Extensive Repairs Yet

An insurance claim can be equated to a suit between you the homeowner and the insurance company.

The insurance company will use every legal weapon in its arsenal to deny your claim.

In response, you should be ready to support your claim with physical evidence of the damage caused. Make only minor repairs such as plugging leaks, draining the water, patching broken pipes and so forth.

This will help in proving the extent of the damage caused and in evaluating the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Mitigate Further Damage

It’s your responsibility to help mitigate further damage. This is done by ripping out any padding or carpet where mold may grow, shutting off the water, etc.

A remediation company should be called in to help avoid future mold growth by drying out walls and internal wall cavities. This is where 1st Response Public Adjusters can help. We know who the most professional Miami remediation contractors are and will coordinate the entire process for you.

Always remember that your insurance agent is not your friend…no matter how friendly they act. Their only job is to please their employer (the insurance co) by reducing your settlement payout as much as possible.

When you hire 1st Response Public Adjusters we’ll inspect your Florida property in a detailed manner. We’ll inspect with your interests at heart. This means we’ll often find damage the insurance company overlooked.

We know this is a trying time in your life. Call us today for a free consultation. We’ll help you understand every detail you must know in order to receive fair compensation and restore your property.

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