Miami Water Damage Contractor: Choose One Wisely For a Smooth Claims Process

Obtaining a Miami water damage contractor to repair the damage at your home or commercial property isn’t an option…it’s a must.

The challenge comes in ensuring that you find a contracting company willing to treat you right and fix your property correctly.

flooded Florida home

Keep in mind that not all contractors are the same. Some will bring your property back to where it was prior to the pipe burst, storm or fire. Others won’t take your job seriously. Others still might even try illegal ways to get money from your insurance company.

Wow! What do you do?

The first thing we encourage you to do is to contact us. 1st Response Public Adjusters is not only able to recommend a reputable water damage contractor but we’ll also help fight for your legal rights against those of your insurance company.

Read more about that here.

First Things First

Immediately after you’ve sustained water damage you must take action to secure your property from any possible future damage. This is stipulated as your responsibility in your insurance policy.

This means getting help from an emergency water damage restoration company.

The process might involve boarding up your home or office building or covering the roof after a fire. Remember, fires cause water damage simply from the fire trucks using water to stop the fire.

Learn more about this process here.

Next Step

You must report the event to your insurance company. This is also stipulated in your policy.

This is also where we encourage you to be careful. There are some contractors willing to circumvent the law in order to earn money from your loss.

Be wary of any contractor asking you to sign a long-term contract at this point.

The first thing you’ll want to know is the exact scope of damage and what your insurance company will pay out as a settlement.

There’s no need to hire a contractor long-term until you know this information. Make sure the restoration services contract is a temporary one stipulating that all they’ll do is keep your property from sustaining any more damage.

Don’t let a contractor get you involved with signing any of your rights away in terms of where the settlement check goes when it’s paid by the insurance company. Some unethical contractors will try to get that check paid to them directly.

Get Help Hiring a Florida Water Damage Contractor

As you can see, there’s quite a bit to know when it comes to hiring your contractor. We see folks get taken advantage of not because they aren’t intelligent…but because of the stress involved.

You’re already busy in life. When you sustain water damage and must start learning about insurance, adjusters, restoration, contractors, etc, it gets overwhelming fast. Mistakes are easily made.

Instead of going through it alone, why not consider hiring a public adjuster to work alongside you? We’re specialists when it comes to the entire insurance claims process.

We’ll be able to help you talk properly to your insurance company. We’ll help get your property secured immediately after the loss correctly and without issue.

We’ll help you negotiate the fairest settlement so you can avoid being taken advantage of or losing literally tens of thousands of dollars in insurance payouts. We’ll help you hire the right water damage contractor who will guarantee their work and perform an outstanding job for you.

We offer a free consultation. Let’s sit down and get to know one another. We’ll show you our own references. We’ll explain all the details of your insurance policy. We’ll spend each day fighting for your rights as you deal with your family and “regular life” responsibilities.

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